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All that you need to know about the PRP Therapy for Hair Loss

Well, you might have heard about the vampire facial. This is nothing but a type of skin treatment where you need to use your own blood in order to facilitate the glowing as well as youthful complexion. But you might not be familiar with the same kind of treatment which exists for hair loss.

Why Hair Loss Happens?

Yes, you do not need to get shocked, as it requires your blood too. Well, the treatment is known as PRP therapy, which is none other than the platelet rich plasma. You might be wondering what the reason behind the use of our own blood for hair growth. So let me tell you that our blood is made up of two vital components.

Among them, one is red blood cells, and the other one is known as plasma. And you will be astonished to know that the plasma contains white blood cells and the platelets, which are very much beneficial for the growth factor.

You will be amazed to know that the use of PRP has witnessed many benefits for the person suffering from hair loss. Some of the benefits, which includes are like increase in the hair count, the thickness of the hair, and it also helps to increase the growth phase of your hair cycle. If you are also suffering from hair fallout, then you can simply opt for the PRP Therapy for Hair Loss in Delhi.

Working of the PRP Therapy for Hair Loss

You might be wondering about the one that needs to undergo this PRP therapy. The answer to this is that any person who is suffering from the problem of hair loss is the best person who can undergo PRP treatment. But it has been noticed that those people or candidate who has the early hair loss will get benefited fast from this treatment.

PRP treatment is best used for only those patients that are suffering from androgenic alopecia. No need to get confused by this term because it is a genetically determine a type of hair thinning which occurs on the top of our head.

Frequency of treatment that needs to be done

If you want to get the best result from the PRP Therapy for Hair Loss, then you need to keep one point in your mind that consistency is the key. While talking about the frequency of treatment, then it should be performed at least once a month for the first three or four months based on the patient response and result.

Once the initial phase of the PRP Therapy for Hair Loss in Delhi is done, you need to reduce the frequency of treatment to once in every three to four months based on the result.

It is recommended to continue the treatment for a minimum time of six months so that the growth factor and also the stem cells get stimulated as they are associated with the re-growth and stopping of the hair fall out.

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