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Skin Doctors- How to find one of your choices?

When we want to treat our skin diseases or want to improve our skin condition or want to look younger the first thing we think about skin specialists. Skin specialist is a doctor sometimes a physician also who is in charge of treating skin related problems. After all, the skin is one of the largest organs of our body and provides protection against different external stimuli like microorganism, injuries, etc and also provides the shape of our body.

But as in India people only know that dermatologist is skin specialist but it is wrong a dermatologist is a kind of skin specialist. Due to a different kind of skin disease, people get confused they don’t have any clue about which right kind of skin doctor according to their problems. But today we will know about a different kind of skin expert on the basis of different problems.
On the basis of specialization mainly skin experts are four types.

Dermatologist - A Dermatologist is a doctor who treats various types of diseases some common type and some are chronic type. As per medical science, they treat 3000 different types of diseases. If you have skin problems like discoloration or patchy skin or hives and other skin problems, you should go for the dermatologist.

Cosmetologist-Cosmetologist is a skin expert who practices cosmetics treatment of skin, nail and hair. So, if you have beauty related queries and issues then cosmetologist is the right kind of skin doctor.

Cosmetic or Aesthetician dermatologists are trained as a dermatologist but after that, they have done specialization in the treatment of skin, nail and hair-related issues. For treatment, they use a non-invasive procedure. The Cosmetic dermatologist treats the following types of practices

Chemical peels- A technique to treat age spots, fine line wrinkles, and skin discoloration by applying a chemical solution and peel it off.

Dermabrasion- It is an exfoliating technique that improves skin appearance by removing the skin layer. It uses to treat fine lines, sun damage, acne scars, etc.
Laser surgery- This technique is used to remove the tissue or some part of the skin also removal of unwanted moles and collins from the skin. This is not like a major surgery it only takes a few minutes to complete without any cut on the skin.

Collagen injection- By using collagen injection you can improve your skin appearance and muscles. It is like a supplement to your skin's natural collagen.
So, if you want to treat birthmark, removal of hair or moles through laser you should look for a cosmetic dermatologist who is the right kind of skin doctor for this type of issue.

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