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Blepharoplasty Surgery – The Results You Can Expect After the Procedure

The popularity of blepharoplasty surgery has increased a lot in last few years. More and more people are opting for this procedure to achieve a refreshing and youthful appearance. The results of the surgery hold a great importance among those who are seriously considering this procedure. It is important to know that results vary from one patient to the other, most are satisfied with the overall change in their look. While for many it is an option to restore obscured vision, for others, the procedure is only a way to look more alert and young.
Here are the results you can expect following the blepharoplasty.
It is strongly recommended to stay positive and hope for the success in the procedure. But, having a realistic expectation while anticipating the results is equally important. Even though the eyelid plastic surgery procedure might provide pleasing and dramatic outcomes to those undergo the procedure, there are some possibilities of developing complications as well, though temporary. Usually, these are treated with minor surgery or medications. Often, they correct themselves with the healing leaving a patient more vibrant and younger in appearance.

Immediately after the procedure, the incision site would appear red as well as irritated and there might be some bumpiness too. The scarring consequential to eyelid procedure should flatten in time of a few days or weeks and become inconspicuous. You will experience some discolouration and swelling around the eyes during the recovery process, however this will fade away as you start to look and feel better. The severity of swelling and bruising differs among patients. However it goes away within a week or two.
Following the recovery period, your eyelid surgery procedure should yield some positive and pleasing outcomes. The heaviness and wrinkles of your eyelids would be reduced or eliminated by this procedure. Eyes that appeared tired and aged will now appear more alert and brighter.

The results of the blepharoplasty surgery usually last for years. For some patients, the positive effects of the procedure are permanent allowing patients to enjoy a lifetime of youthful looking eyes.
It is important to note that while fat taken from the eyelids during the procedure is removed permanently, as the process of ageing continuous, the looseness and the wrinkling that was present in the skin before the surgery might return.

Most patients who undergo blepharoplasty surgery in India are pleased with the results as well as the youthful enhancement that the procedure provides. Many patients prefer undergoing other plastic surgery procedures too after seeing positive results of the eyelid surgery.

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