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Breast Reduction Surgery-Know About Vertical Incision Technique

While Breast Reduction is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures in India, most women have no clue about the techniques involved in performing this procedure. If you are interested in reducing the size of your enlarged breasts then read on to know about the Vertical Incision Technique.

Vertical Incision Technique

The vertical incision technique to perform breast reduction surgery results in less scarring than traditional procedure and shapelier breasts. Also known as the LeJour or ‘short scar’ reduction, it is becoming a popular alternative to the traditional technique, particularly for women who do not need extensive tissue removal.

In addition to producing natural breast shape and less scarring, this method takes less time to perform in comparison to standard breast reduction. But, the method is not for everyone. Below mentioned information will help you determine whether this approach is right for you or not.

Incision Locations

Incision extends vertically down to the crease and around the areola, making what is also known as ‘lollipop’ pattern. The technique eliminates the requirement for the placement of horizontal incision along the breast crease used in the traditional method, causing much less scarring. The scarring can be easily hidden by the low cut tops and swimming suits.

Advantages of the technique

Vertical incision breast reduction procedure is less invoice, results in less scarring, and is less disruptive to the glandular breast tissues than the standard surgery. The duration of the surgery and recovery is short, and it can be done with the lesser administration of anesthesia than more traditional techniques. Also, the technique results in fuller and rounder breasts than those reduced through conventional surgery.
Given that the technique is used on women who need only a moderate amount of volume to be removed, the pedicle technique of nipple repositioning can be used as well. This technique allows the nipple to remain attached to a strip, or pedicle, of tissue, keeping milk ducts and most blood vessels intact. This reduces the possibility of permanent sensation loss to the surrounding skin and the nipple and increases the chance that ability to breastfeed would be preserved.

Vertical incision method is an ideal choice for women who want to get rid of moderate-to-large breasts. However, those who want to remove excessive amounts of breast tissue and fat are not the right candidate for this method. The best way to determine your candidacy is by consulting an experienced, board-certified and well-trained plastic surgeon in India who has expertise in performing vertical incision breast reduction surgery.

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